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The Sons Academy Skills Clinic seeks to serve "at risk" males by exposing them to spiritual, physical fitness, and life skills training.  The Academy believes that the lives of youth can be positively impacted through character building to become responsible leaders, as well as motivated to fulfill their purpose "In Christ"!


​The Sons Academy, Inc. strives to establish sponsorhips and partnerships with local and national organizations to promote synergetic relationships.

Phone:  443-992-1232



We are always looking for volunteers with diverse backgrounds and talents.

The Sons Academy, Inc.

“Sonship Sessions”



Week 1            How We Got Our Bible


Week 2            Who Is Your God, Your Lord


Week 3            The 1st Thing Given(Kingdom)


Week 4            Authority


Week 5            Prayer


Week 6            Rap vs. Gospel


Week 7            T.V. Good or Evil?


Week 8            Music Videos Good or Evil?


Week 9            Temptations


Week 10          Integrity/Character


Week 11          The Divine Order


Week 12          Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior!

The Sons Academy Skills Clinic meets in session from May-July from 9am -12pm The NCIA gymnasium located at 7205 Rutherford Road, Windsor Mill, Md 21244. The first hour consists of exposing the "Sons" to a Biblical principle topic. The second hour is packed with activity where everything from eye hand coordination, to muscle memory drills are taught and practiced to increase their overall fitness levels with a focus on developing basketball skills and basketball IQ.  The third hour consists of a life skill/rap session where "Sons" learn public speaking, job readiness, conflict resolution skills, interpersonal skills, and other comprehensive life skills to help them become self-sufficient, integrity driven, and successful men! 

During the 12 week session, the Sons participate in a trip that allows the Sons to practice all of the skills learned during the session. Finally, a banquet in which each Son receives a certificate and a thorough evaluation to help them celebrate their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

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