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Message from the Founder and Director

My name is Walter "Coach Walt"  Bland  and I am a native of Baltimore, Maryland. I have coached basketball and football at the recreation and high school levels for over 20 years. Professionally, I have been a Juvenile Probation Officer for the past sixteen years for The Department of Juvenile Services.  Our young men need so much guidance in a world in which the pitfalls of society lead them into destruction whether it be spiritually, physically, or emotionally. 


Over the years, I've found that there is not a shortage of young men willing to become strong, integrity, and character driven individuals, but the lack of models that demonstrate as such.  My goal is to provide an opportunity for young men to grow in a safe environment with a positive peer culture, and living the purposeful life that they have been created for! Thank You for allowing us to work with your "Sons", Thank You for volunteering to promote our vision, and Thank You for your generous sponsorships, partnerships, and donations.

About us


The Sons Academy Skills Clinic is a 12 week mentoring program designed to meet the needs of males ages 5-17 years of age. Those needs include: spiritual foundation/principles, physical training, and life skills. Each phase begins with a "Sonship Session" where Biblical principles are exposed, discussed, and explained.  Part two of each session develops each Son's overall physical fitness level and overall athletic ability with focus on basketball.  Part three focuses on teaching  comprehensive life skills. The Sons meet in session every Saturday from 9am-12pm!

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