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The next 12 week Sons Academy Skills session will begin May 5, 2018!!!

Welcome to The Sons Academy Skills Clinic!


The Sons Academy, Inc. is a 12 week program designed to meet the needs of males ages 5-15 years of age. Those needs include:  spiritual foundation/principles, physical training, and life skills training. Each phase will begin with what we call a “Sonship Session” were biblical principles are exposed, discussed, and explained.  Afterwhich;  each”Son” will participate in physical training that will improve there overall athletic ability.  Finally, a life skill will be taught and discussed before each session has ended. The Sons Academy Skills Clinic will meet for 3 hours sessions at the designated location. Communication via text/email is a must due to time constraints and to efficiently disperse important information quickly. Parents please provide the best possible number for you to receive text messages and check your emails daily.


DATES:  Start: May 5, 2018    End: 7/21/18         End of Session Celebration: 7/21/18




Register your "Son" for the upcoming Sons Academy session to be held at N.C.I.A. located at 7205 Rutherford Road Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Click on the arrow below and complete the registration form and scan to Or complete form and bring to site on May 5, 2018. $150 due at registration. The remainder of the fee is due by the 6th week of the program. Registration fee is non-refundable.

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